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Wilson Elite Ceramics | 2018


Our Factories Supply the World's Best Advanced Ceramics

You have been using the wrong knife all along! For the last two thousand years or so we have been using steel for knives in the kitchen, but is it really the best tool for the job? The answer is a resounding NO!


New age ceramics are better, stronger than steel, with 15 times longer lasting sharpness. You want to cut razor thin slices of garlic, tomatoes, and other foods, but your steel knife is never sharp when you need it.


Wilson Elite series knives are made from the highest quality Zirconia Oxide known as Zirconium. We enhance our advanced ceramics using carbon and our patented manufacturing process to produce one of the world's most advanced, sharp, and strong knives with near diamond hardness.

Who We Are

We hold quality as the utmost concern. We want our customers to know the difference between a Wilson knife and others they could have bought. We continually strive to improve our techniques to bring you the world's best ceramic knife. We are the most discerning chef's choice for a reason and we want to keep it that way! We pride ourselves on bringing the title of the being the best back to the USA where it belongs. We are continually proving the naysayers wrong by producing the highest quality ceramic knives.


Wilson Ceramics has been at the forefront of producing top of the line Advanced Kitchen Ceramic Cutlery & Utensils. Our value has brought about major advancements in the ceramic industry, along with advanced modern, new and innovative products to the market over the years. Each of the Ceramic knives and cutlery that we produce has been meticulously handcrafted to perfection by our industry leading craftsmen. We utilize the most advanced industry techniques in our manufacturing process. We constantly look for ways to push the ceramic industry forward in order to bring you the world’s most Advanced ceramic knives. Every one of our products we produce here will give you that dynamic result you deserve.

About Us

Having taken our techniques, equipment advancements, and processes from NASA over 25 years ago, we have perfected our advanced ceramic manufacturing techniques to produce the world's most advanced knife.


- John Ross - CEO

Today Wilson Pro Elite Ceramics are in the hands of the worlds most discerning chef's. Having produced knives for the some of the world's best restaurants and other chef & cooking organizations it is time to bring this advanced technology to regular households of US and Canada.

​Our revolutionary ceramic knife lines are of the longest lasting, and most durable ceramics on the market so get yours today at an unbelievable price!

Our History

Having worked in the finest restaurants in DC and having seen first hand the problems chefs suffer from dull knives, we sought out to fix the problem with current ceramic knives. They are so brittle you can't use them with out worry in every day use. They cost hundreds of dollars for decent ones. They are mostly made in Japan and China only. We sought to use the most advanced techniques from our NASA experience and other Govt' work to engineer the most advanced ceramic knife on the market. Our Pro Elite series knives are the best the world has ever seen. ​
We have been making ceramic kitchenware & Cutlery for the most discerning chefs over the past 25 years. We have now opened our product line to consumers the world over. Our knives are of the highest quality in the world.

We use the most current technological advances in ceramic manufacturing techniques to bring you the most advanced ceramic utensils the world has ever known. We are constantly refining our techniques in order to supersede your expectations as we have done for the most discerning chefs of the world for the last 25 years.

Our Success Stories

Featured on numerous TV channels

Reached 500,000 happy customers June 4, 2018

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